How We Do What We Do

Dane Building Concepts, is dedicated the marriage of best practice and a common sense approach. Owner Jim Lampe has been dedicated to process improvement and management for 25 years, bringing both practical management experience and a Master’s degree in business to the forefront of our projects. As a licensed real estate broker, Jim will advise you of the cost-benefit balance of various ideas you may have. Whether your project involves a new counter and sink, a whole-home repurposing, or new custom construction, you will feel confident you have made the correct choice with Dane Building Concepts.

A critical aspect to project management is communication. We offer unlimited contact options-it is not unusual to email daily status reports, Q and A., or thoughts. No job is too small to maintain the respect that is communication. You will find our communication style invigorating!

Projects are arranged by use of Microsoft Project as soon as details of the project are confirmed-this is the schedule we will live with under most circumstances. While remodeling often brings surprises, a knowledgeable, committed contractor will work through these seamlessly. We pride ourselves on adherence to a rigid schedule that makes use of our allotted time in the best way possible, allowing us to be in and out of a project often in half the time others’ suggest. That means less time with dust, more time with your new home! We emphasize cleanliness and organization on our jobs, with RESPECT for you and your family at the forefront.

Dane Building Concepts will source materials from across the broad spectrum of options. Every project and budget requires a unique approach. Meetings with vendors are scheduled at your convenience to allow careful consideration.

We offer a full 1 year warranty on work. We are licensed and fully insured. Continuous education is accentuated, earning over double the required course credit every 2 years.

Owner Jim Lampe is a member of the Board of Directors for Beta Gamma House Corporation, a licensed real estate broker, on the board of Belle Isle neighborhood Association and works with Monona Grove Business Men’s Association, and is a Big Brother through BBBS Madison.